2018 First Term Pre-Job Training Held by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) for the Teachers Going to the United States Comes to a Successful End

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) [Time]    2018-07-19 08:46:29 

On the afternoon of July 10th, 2018, the graduation ceremony of the 2018 first term pre-job training held by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) for the teachers who were going to the United States was held at Beijing Language and Culture University. The relevant leaders, including Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director-General of Hanban, Liu Li President of Beijing Language and Culture University, and the representatives of the teachers jointly attended the graduation ceremony. They issued course-completion certificates for 102 government-sponsored teachers from 44 universities and colleges, 39 middle and primary schools and other education institutions. In the address, Zhao Guocheng firstly congratulated on the success of this training. He expressed that the international promotion of Chinese language has made contributions to the building a community of shared future for mankind, which deserves the respect of all the Chinese. He quoted the opinions of a German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder that the highest level of a national language development is internationalization. In the past ten years, the international promotion of Chinese language has reached an unprecedented new height. Colleagues of Chinese language promotion have shouldered the mission of the country and the nation. He hoped we could live up the country’s hope and the national trust, and make the proud result and greater contributions on ordinary posts. He hoped that all the students could come down to earth on their posts, do their jobs well, and truly understand Confucius Institutes and their own duties and could gradually and softly promote Chinese knowledge and China-US cultural exchanges well.

Liu Li expressed that as a platform of international cultural exchanges, Confucius Institutes have made important contributions to promoting the mutual learning and mutual trust among different countries. On the course of friendly exchanges between China and the United States, myriad Chinese teachers have forged ahead and blazed a new trail, making important contributions to advancing cultural exchanges between China and the US. He hoped that we could keep our original intention, remember our mission and devote our efforts to the building a Community of shared future for mankind. He also hoped that we could look up at the stars and come down to earth, offering advice and suggestions to Chinese language teaching.

Professor Yu Xiaozhi, the teacher representative and the professor of School of Humanities of Faculty of Humanities and Social Science of Beijing Language and Culture University and Chang Danyang, the teacher from School of Chinese Studies of Faculty of Humanities and Social Science of Beijing Language and Culture University have made wonderful speeches.

Yang Cheng, the student representative gave a speech, in which he, on behalf of all the students, expressed sincere appreciation and great respect to all the teachers who gave lessons industriously and those who work behind the scenes. He expressed that the training courses have rich content and focus on pertinence and practicability, which will escort the teachers who were going to their posts. He hoped we would live up to our dreams, live up to our youth, use language as a kind wind and culture as a drizzle, sowing hope and reaping peace.

In the final performance, the representatives of the training students performed Chinese traditional talents: tea ceremony, calligraphy, opera and martial arts. The versatile performance of the teachers brought the atmosphere to a climax.


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